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Post by Mistery Sat Oct 04, 2008 9:44 pm

I actually posted this on Joe's old site Anime Shinto, and I'm sure those of you who where on there have probably already read this, but I'm gonna post it anyways. ^_^' I'm still not finished with it although, this is just the beginning, I still have a long ways to go. Someone actually suggested to me before that it would make a good manga I dunno. xD If you have any comments or recommendations please leave them for me, I would really appreciate it. Thank you all.


As I slide my silver bladed katana back into its' battle worn sheath, the freezing rain begins to fall, washing away the puddles of blood covering the cold ground. The silvery moon begins to disappear begins the black clouds letting the darkness consume the night once more. Now as I stand here looking around at the decapitated bodies of my allies and enemies, I begin to wonder if this great battle was worth all that was lost. In the beginning, I never imagined that things would end this way and that I would be the last standing member of my clan.

Chapter One

My name is Mistery, or at least that's what I go by now, I used to be known as Shana Okugi, back when mu life, and I was normal. Everyday was always the same routine...!

Yangu: "Shana, it's time to get up! Your going to be late if you don't hurry!"

Shana: "I'm coming!"

Shana runs down the stairs while she finishes dressing, and grabs her bag out of her older sister Yangu's hands. Throwing her slippers off, and shoes on, she runs out the door, hearing Yangu in the distance yelling, "Be careful!" My sister and I had been on out own for as long as I could remember. I don't really know what happened to our parents. Yangu never talks about it, so I keep it that way. As Shana continues to run down the busy street, she looks at her wrist watch and says, "Oh no!!! I'm going to be late I need to take a short-cut." Darting into a store, she suddenly bumps into someone, and falls on top them. It's a guy from her high school. His name is Kuro Takenaga, and he was in the same class as Shana. She always found him kind of annoying, but never realized how deep his eyes were. As they stare into each others eyes, Shana blushes, then jumps up and says, "Sorry, but I'm going to be late for school." Kuro replies, "Oh you mean you haven't heard? School has been closed today, due to electrical problems."
Shana: "Oh mean I got out of bed just to hear that school has been canceled today. Crying Kabooski!!!"

Anyways, that is as far as I've made it. ^_^' I know the last phrase sounds kinda funny too, but I wanted to think of something new, I'll probably change it later though. It was actually a word or phrase my older sister came up with. O.o She's weird anyways though. Oh well. Leave me your comments and recommendations. xD
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